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Planning an international holiday? There are several Europe tours to choose from.
Europe is not just a continent in the Northern Hemisphere, it is bubbling cauldron of artistic heritage, culinary traditions, nature trails, lofty peaks, windswept fjords, sunny shores, fairy-tale castles, and Mediterranean sunsets coming together in a breathtaking voyage through history. There is no way you are going to travel through Europe and not be struck by its stunning landscapes and its vast ethnic diversity.

But if you are a first-timer to Europe and are confused about the cities to pick for your upcoming holiday, here’s a guide that will give you a peek into the great continent for its cultural lineage, rich history, splendid scenery and great tipples.

A good time to visit Europe’s northern countries such as Sweden, Norway, Iceland experience the best weather between July and August when the temperature oscillates between 20 and 22 degree Celsius. Most of Continental Europe – France, Italy, Austria, Germany – expect a congenial weather between 20 to 30 degree Celsius from the middle of May all the way till the end of September, with some of the highest temperatures in July and August.

Avoid Mediterranean destinations like Greece in peak summer months owing to the heat and high humidity levels. It is better to travel in April to May or between September and October when the weather is relatively mild.

Best time to see European beaches: When booking Europe trip packages, and it is sunbathing on a beach that you enjoy, pick the late part of June through September for a holiday. Between May and June, the waters are cooler making them a tad unfavourable for a swim.

Late September is also a good time with the crowds thinning. Some of the most stunning beaches of Greece are best visited between the end of May through October.

Best time for skiing: Europe’s ski resorts typically open in late November and stay so until mid-April. Within this, for better snow, less crowds and deals on hotel rooms and ski lift tickets, choose January. Stay away from these destinations around Christmas and New Years because of they get overtly busy and congested.

Best time to see its historical sites: A lot here is in a traveller’s bucket list. Europe’s archaeological ruins, ancient castles, baroque churches and palaces bring in travellers by the hoard each year. Some of the popular ones include Eiffel Tower in Paris, Colosseum in Rome, Stonehenge in England, the Acropolis in Greece. Visit these between July and August.

Best time to go backpacking: The peak time here is between July and August though the season lasts from May to September. Europe’s lakes, streams and seas are great for a swim and you won’t need heavy packing. The hiking trails, however, can get very crowded in this season owing to the favourable weather.

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