Ayurveda is a traditional form of healing that developed in India around 600 B.C.

Ayurveda is widely practiced in Kerala.

Ayurveda is a traditional form of healing that developed in India around 600 B.C. Ayurveda is widely practiced in Kerala. The practice of healing the body through natural means, using the extracts of plants was refined into a science by sages and healers in ancient times in India. Ayurveda means the “Science of Life” and it is a holistic method of healing and rejuvenating the body.


Ayurveda in Kerala, has gained popularity for its non-invasive and natural techniques that have proved effective in treating many conditions.

According to Ayurveda the body has several humours. When these humours are unbalanced then a body is in a state of ill health. These humors are called ‘vata’, ‘pitta,’ and ‘kapha’ and are the energy or life force that sustain the body. Their depletion or disturbance causes the body to lose its immunity and relapse into illness. Ayurveda has many methods of treatment. The most common method is massage with medicinal oils. Ayurveda seeks to treat the body holistically and tackles not merely the symptoms but the root cause of the illness, thus restoring the body to good health.

Ayurveda in Kerala is an established branch of treatment and there are many Ayurveda resorts and Ashrams where you can find licensed practitioners of Ayurveda, with years of experience in treating patients.

By eliminating toxins, reviving immunity and rejuvenating the body Ayurveda effectively treats many chronic conditions. Ayurveda is also used in beauty therapy to rejuvenate and refresh the body and revitalize the skin tone. Medicinal oils containing the beneficial extracts of plants, are applied to the body by trained Ayurvedic masseurs. The combination of the massage and the medicinal properties of the oils help restore the patient to health, relieves stress, eliminates toxins and rejuvenates the body.

Some of the conditions in which Ayurveda is particularly effective are stress relief, spondylosis, slipped disc, sports injuries, bone and joint problems and back injuries. Ayurvedic therapies such as Abhyanga, Dhara, Elakizhi, Nasyam, Pizhichil, Njavarakizhi, and Udhwardhanam are used in Ayurveda in Kerala.


Medical Tourism in India is a growing trend, with increasing numbers of patients from Europe, the Middle East and India’s neighboring countries coming to India for specialized treatment at very reasonable prices.
Certain medical and legal aspects of medical tourism need to be kept in mind, since Medical Tourism to India is still a very new field.

Medical Visa: The Government of India has recently authorized a new category of visas for prospective medical tourists. This Medical Visa will enable patients who wish to travel to India for medical reasons, to enter India on this specialized visa, and stay for the duration of their treatment.

Medical Insurance: This is another area about which patients should remain informed. Currently medical insurance firms in the West may not recognize treatment at a hospital in India as part of their medical insurance policy. Thus a patient may have to fund his or her own treatment, which could be a significant amount, though still far less than the same treatment in a privately run hospital in the west.

Legal Issues: The legal aspects of medical tourism are undefined at present. All medical procedures carry an element of risk. Even routine surgery may sometimes lead to medical complications. A patient may be unsatisfied with the results of their surgery or medical treatment, and wish to seek legal recourse. Currently there is no international legal regulation of medical tourism. As medical tourism increases worldwide, it is likely that an international regulatory authority will come into being. If an international legal framework were to come into place then issues of jurisdiction between a patient’s home country and the country where the medical treatment was availed can be resolved. These are some precautionary points to be considered while planning your medical tour to India.

Other Medical & Health Packages


Cardiac Care in Kerala is a branch of medicine that attracts many patients from around the world. Patients from the Gulf countries, Sri-Lanka and from many other countries are coming to India to experience the excellence of Cardiac care in Kerala. With specialty hospitals, extremely well-trained doctors and nursing staff, and the quick scheduling of surgery, cardiac care in Kerala has proved to be an attractive medical tourism.



Kerala is known the world over for its alternative medicinal therapies. Ayurveda is the best known of these alternative wellness therapies practiced in Kerala. Other Alternative therapies such as Naturopathy, Siddha and Panchakarma are commonly practiced in Kerala and have gained recognition worldwide for their therapeutic nature.

  • Naturopathy in Kerala
  • Siddha in Kerala
  • Panchakarma in Kerala


General Surgery for a variety of medical conditions is a branch of medical treatment in Kerala that has attracted patients from around the world. General Surgery in Kerala is the preferred choice of patients because of the excellent hospitals with well-trained doctors and nurses. The quality of pre- and post-operative care and the very reasonable cost of general surgery in Kerala are other positive factors leading to the growth of this branch of medical tourism in Kerala.

General Surgery
Dental Care


Now you have another reason to smile when you travel to Kerala India. Kerala is increasingly becoming known for the quality of its Dental Care services. Dental Care in Kerala is a cost-effective alternative for residents of western countries and nations in the Middle East. Dental care procedures offered by centers specializing in dental care in Kerala, include:

  • Tooth Extractions and Implantation
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Crowns and Bridges
  • Denture Fitting
  • Periodontal Care
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Smile Designing

All major hospitals in Kerala offer dental care. There are also a large number of privately run dental clinics across Kerala India.


Fertility Treatment in Kerala is a specialized treatment offered at a large number of hospitals and clinics in Kerala. Assisted reproduction programs offer parents who are unable to conceive, the hope of having biological children with the assistance of modern technology. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is provided at specialized hospitals that offer Fertility Treatment in Kerala. The treatment program includes medical checkups of the couple, to determine the physiological causes of infertility. After the cause is determined the appropriate assisted reproductive technique is prescribed.


Neurosurgery in Kerala is a highly specialized form of surgery performed to cure medical conditions of the brain and spinal cord. Neurosurgery is performed for the treatment of specific conditions. Neurosurgery in Kerala is carried out at specialty hospitals by highly trained surgeons, supported by a team of anesthesiologists, general physicians and nurses. A number of specialty hospitals offer neurosurgery treatment options in Kerala. These hospitals are equipped with the latest diagnostic and surgical equipment.


Transplant surgery in Kerala is offered at several specialty hospitals in the state. Common forms of transplant surgery are: Renal transplant surgery where a donor kidney is transplanted into a recipient. Liver Transplant surgery, where part of a liver from a donor organ is transplanted into a recipient Bone Marrow transplant, an essential therapy in cases of leukemia Corneal transplant, practiced routinely in eye donation.

General Surgery


Orthopedic treatment in Kerala is a branch of medicine that has become a preferred choice of patients with orthopedic conditions. Patients from all over India and around the world come to Kerala for orthopedic treatment. Traditionally Ayurveda massage therapy has been used to treat a variety of orthopedic conditions. But as hospitals and clinics specializing in modern medicine have developed, today orthopedic surgery and orthopedic treatment in Kerala offers the latest treatment options in state-of-the art medical centers in Kerala.


Ophthalmology in Kerala is one of the foremost branches of medical tourism. Many patients from neighboring countries and the Middle East, travel to Kerala for ophthalmology treatment. Specialized Eye Hospitals and Ophthalmology departments in hospitals in Kerala, offer a wide range of ophthalmology treatments, at very reasonable prices. The combination of world-class eye treatment at an affordable price, makes ophthalmology in Kerala a sought after medical tourism option.

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