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Flipping through Egypt tour packages? Make sure it incorporates more than just a Cairo city tour and Nile cruise. We help you shortlist some destinations.

Dubbed the ‘cradle of civilization’, a trip to Egypt is like a journey into the roots of humanity where some of the earliest works in literature, agriculture, religion and urbanisation took place. A country with one of the longest histories and an equally deep cultural heritage, it is no wonder that one of its pyramids – the Cheops Pyramid – is regarded among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Egypt’s strategic location in the northeast of Africa with the Mediterranean Sea to its north, the Red Sea, the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba to its east and an eastern portion, the Sinai Peninsula, falling in Western Asia, makes it a significant country in the Arab world aside from being an extremely fertile piece of land owing to the Nile River that cuts through its length before draining into the Mediterranean Sea. And as you round up its iconic monuments from the Pyramid complex of Giza and the Great Sphinx, the ruins of Thebes, Memphis, the Valley of the Kings, to the Karnak temple complex, you will realise that there is much to reflect and absorb.

Best time to visit Egypt: Egypt remains hot and bright for the better part of the year. Winters on the other hand are rather mild with the daytime temperature in Cairo hovering around 20 degree Celsius. After sundown, the temperature plummets to about 10 degree Celsius. The temperature of an average summer day is approximately 35 degree Celsius exacerbated by a stifling humidity.

Best time to visit Aswan and Luxor: This is between May and October provided you don’t decide to venture out in the midday heat and keep your sightseeing restricted to the early morning or even late afternoon hours. Avoid March and May for the possibility of heavy sandstorms.

Best time for a beach holiday in the Red Sea: Come anytime between June and September which despite the high summer season in the rest of the country receives cool sea breeze through the day and the temperature stays regulated. At the coastal getaway of Hurghada, the temperature hovers around 29 degree Celsius with a considerably balmy sea at 26 degree Celsius offering perfect conditions for snorkelling, and of course, diving. The July to August window gets particularly busy in the Red Sea with hotel prices soaring and beaches exploding with colourful parasols.

Best time for a Nile cruise: October to April is the ideal time for a cruise down the mighty Nile where you can make pit-stops to visit the Valley of the Kings in Luxor along with its temples. Whatever time you decide to travel avoid the hot summer months between June and August like plague.

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