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NPRA Immigration

NPRA (Nationality, Passports, and Residence Affairs) is a government agency in Bahrain responsible for managing the country's immigration and residency system. It provides services related to issuing and renewing visas, residency permits, passports, and other travel documents. The agency also plays a role in enforcing immigration laws and regulations, such as conducting border checks and deportations of individuals who violate the country's immigration rules. The NPRA serves both Bahraini citizens and foreign nationals, and its mission is to promote national security and protect the country's borders while facilitating the movement of people across borders in a safe and efficient manner.


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  • New RP issue stamp
  • Renewal RP stamp
  • R P cancellation
  • RP extension
  • Expired RP extension
  • Newborn baby file open
  • Bahraini passport renewal
  • Immigration offence clearing